sub-light no cut transfer paper for light-colored cotton fabric

Sub-light no cut transfer paper.This paper is designed for transferring light-colored cotton fabrics using inkjet printer with sublimation ink.Without Cutting and without Weeding!



Product parameters
Name sub-light no cut transfer paper
Apply Light cotton fabric
Printer inkjet printer with sublimation ink,like Epson
Size A3/A4
Transfer condition Temp:185℃
Machine recommended using swing away heat press machine
Pack/ctn A4: 50sheets/pack, 36pack/ctn
A3: 50sheets/pack ,18pack/ctn
Dimension 45*32*26cm
N.W./G.W. 20.8/21.8kg
Packing cardboard carton with plastic bag for each pack



1.Suitable for regular Ink-Jet printers with sublimation inks.

2.Durable, long lasting image

3.Simple step process,Versatile and easy to use

4.Transfer white and light-colored cotton textiles

5.Soft, silky feel after initial ironing,Natural “soft” cloth texture


How to use:

1.First we set the paper type on our printer to “Glossy Paper” and choose “MIRROR MODE” ,then print the image onto the paper.

The temperature of the heat press machine is set to 185℃ and the time is adjusted to 15s-30s.

Then, we adjust the pressure of the heat machine to higher pressure.

2.Put the T-shirt onto the flat press machine and then put the printed paper onto the T-shirt. When the temperature of the heat press machine is reached, pressing the handle.

When the time is reached, the buzzer will sound, lifting the handle,And peel the paper quickly

3.If you want to get better result, cover the tshirt with protective paper and press it for another 12-15 seconds.


Washing instructions:

Wash the garment inside out in cold water (max 30ºC).

Do not use very abrasive detergents, bleach or bleach.

Do not use a dryer

When drying, the pattern faces inward,and drying in the dark

The print will lose color progressively with the washings.



1.It is recommended to cut the Sublicotton to the approximate size of the pattern to be stamped to avoid seeing the shine of the non-printed sheet on the shirt.

2.It is compatible with all brands of sublimation inks.It does not require modifying the color profile of the printer.

3.After the image is printed, please transfer it within 30 minutes.

4.sub-light no cut transfer paper suitable for transfer logo, cartoon, text, etc. The color is simple and the color is more than 60% color pattern (Such as: black, red, dark green, dark blue, pure yellow and other dark colors, not suitable for transfer richer images, light color patterns. If the transfer picture has a richer color image, please select another paper from our company.



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