Vision luminous dark transfer paper for cotton fabric

Luminous transfer paper: You can print any picture text into a luminous effect, absorb sunlight and light during the day; release luminous at night, very personal. After printing, the luminous paper can be seen in the dark room for 20 minutes in the sun. The luminous effect can be seen. The lighter part is more obvious. If you want a longer luminous effect at night, please wear at least 6 hours during the day .



Name inkjet luminous dark transfer paper
Apply dark fabric
Printer Inkjet printer ,recommended Epson printer
Ink pigment/dye ink
Size A3/A4
Pack/ctn A4: 50sheets/pack, 40pack/ctn
A3: 50sheets/pack ,20pack/ctn
Dimension 45*32*26cm
N.W./G.W. 23.6/24.6kg
Packing Cardboard carton with Plastic bag for each pack
Instruction Temp:165℃
Pressure:low pressure
Peel:cold or warm


1.Rechargeable Glow – Long lasting rechargeable photo luminescent light stays lit for 10-12 hours when exposed to light absorption of 20 minutes or Greater.
2.Personal – Print and transfer on tshirt. Create glow in the dark.
3.Anti-fade - Prolongs the life of prints despite long periods of UV exposure.
4.Printing - Paper is compatible with all Inkjet printers. Keep for indoor use and don’t expose to water or moisture.



Luminous Transfer Paper With Glow In The Dark.you can use the paper on any dark colored cotton fabric,such as tshirt ,caps,bags etc.

How to use:

1.Print image: Take Epson inkjet printer and classic dark transfer paper as examples. Set the picture before printing: select [Photo] or [Quality Photo] in the main window; [Mirror] is not required

2.Release backing paper: peel off the printed inkjet dark transfer paper from one corner to separate the printing surface from the backing paper, so that the pattern can be transferred to the fabric.

3.Transfer: Place the cloth or clothes on the heating platen, then put the separated inkjet dark paper with the pattern facing up, cover the isolation paper, press down the machine, wait until the time is over and lift up the handle, remove the release paper, and the beautiful image is presented in front of you! (Transfer time and temperature should be adjusted according to different heat press machines)

4.Luminous dark transfer paper: The pressure of the heat press machine is smaller, the temperature is 165 ℃ (160 ℃ -170 ℃), time is 15-20 seconds.

After the printed pattern is dry, it can be directly transferred; it can also be covered by a special positioning film by hand or with a cold laminator, and then transferred after engraving. The pattern is more three-dimensional, and the positioning film is warm and cold torn after transfer.

5.Washing and maintenance: Washing can be done after printing for 24 hours, and can be washed by hand or machine. Do not use bleach when washing. Do not soak. Do not dry. Do not rub the pattern directly.

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