Self-weeding laser dark no cut transfer paper

Posted on 2021-06-10 15:16:05


Self-weeding laser dark no cut transfer paper


This is a transfer paper with a hollow effect, this paper is suitable for dark cotton fabrics or dark fabrics with high cotton content. And it is only suitable for OKI printers with white toner to print patterns, because the water resistance and sun protection of the toner are better than ink, and a heat transfer machine is needed when transferring to clothes.


This paper does not need to use engraving, it can be transferred to dark clothing immediately after printing. Its characteristic is that only the pattern part is transferred, and the part without the pattern will be completely hollowed out. The pattern transferred on the clothes feels light, thin and soft, without the feeling of gum, and it is washable and will not fade. When printing with OKI printer, select the mirror printing mode. This paper is divided into two papers, one is A paper, the other is B paper, the pattern is printed on A paper, then cut the A paper and the B paper, B paper should be smaller than A paper, this is for easier tearing when we need to tear off the B paper later. But the size of B paper is still larger than the pattern of A paper.


Set the time and temperature of the heat press machine to 90 seconds, 160 degrees. Paper A is on the bottom, paper B is on the top and put it on the machine. After the end, turn on the machine, tear off the B paper on the heat transfer board, and then put the A paper on the dark cotton cloth that has been placed on the heat transfer board. The temperature and time are set to 160 degrees, 15 seconds. After the end, remove the fabric, wait for the fabric to cool, and tear the A paper warmly. Then, the fabric can be ironed for 3-5 seconds to reinforce the pattern, and the transfer step is complete.


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