Metallic gold laser transfer paper on uncoated hard surface

single-color silver or gold on any color uncoated hard surfaces (including black) like Ceramics, Metal, Wood, Glass etc.Impress your customers with something new and unique!All you need is a cheap Black & White printer(low temperature)



Size A4/A3
Color gold and silver
Printer colored laser printer
(low temperature)
Print mode label,mirror printing
Applications used on uncoated hard surfaces,such as ceramic,glass,metal etc.


1.Metallic Laser Transfer Paper Mainly used for uncoated hard surfaces objects, such as ceramic tile, glass, metal, etc.,It can complete excellent image transfer, especially on dark objects.

2.Firm pattern and good scratch resistance

3.Excellent self-weeding effect and the intact pattern

4.All you need is a cheap Black & White printer!and it is not recommended to use a normal laser photocopier, its temperature is too high.

5.1-Paper-System for Printing Metallic colors onto White, Black & Colored Mugs as well as many other hard surfaces

6.Impress your customers with something new and unique


How to use

Step 1: Design the pattern and print the picture, the colored surface of the transfer paper is printing side.
Printer: Colored laser printer, Paper & Print Type: Labels, Image Mode: Mirror Image
Step 2: Cut the paper pattern to the appropriate size. Make sure that the pattern is smaller than the mug to ensure uniform heating. Position and fix the cut image to the mug with heat resistant tape.
Step 3: Wrap the mug with the wraps &shrink sleeves or elastic cloth
Step 4: Place the mug in the mug heat press machine. Set the temperature and time: 140-180 °C, 180S. Moderate pressure.
Step 5: After the machine time is returned to zero, take out the mug. Cool it naturally for some time. (In order to accelerate the cooling process, you also can put it into cold water after cool it naturally for a while. Noted, please do not immediately put the hot mugs into the water)
Step 6: After it is cooled, tear off the bottom paper and wipe off the residual gold or silver powder with a damp cloth.
Step 7: To increase the adhesion of the pattern and the scratch resistance, you can also put the transferred mugs into the oven to bake for 5 minutes. The baking temperature is 210-220 °C, and the time is 5 minutes. Then take the mug out and cool it naturally, the transfer is finished.



single-color silver or gold on any color hard surfaces (including black) e.g.: Ceramics, Metal, Wood, Glass....

Impress your customers with something new and unique!All you need is a cheap Black & White printer(low temperature)



1. For the flat object, the surface must be smooth and flat. When fixing the paper, fix the edge and the middle part together.
2. For the pattern design: simple and single color is better. Transferring letters, lines, logos, simple patterns and so on is more suitable.
3. For flat object transfer, temperature and time: 180 °C, 180 S, moderate pressure,cold peeling. Place the object with the image paper 
on the silicone pad. With the transfer side facing up, place a heat resistant soft silicone pad on it (or a piece of elastic cloth). Then place 
a piece of heat resistant oil paper to transfer it. 
4. For baking, the material which could not endure high temperature, adjust them flexibly in the actual operation. The principle is not to
 exceed the maximum temperature that the object itself can withstand. Large items that are inconvenient to be placed in the oven can be dried naturally.



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