Laser uncoated paper

laser uncoated transfer papers are also call “smart paper”,suitable for laser printer for LED imaging like OKI,Fuji Xerox.


This is the description of Laser uncoated paper
name laser uncoated paper
size A4
package 50sheet/pack
used on  white plastic pen
print mirror printing
transfer time  15-25s
transfer temperture 175℃



The difference betwee Laser uncoated transfer paper  (smart paper) and sublimation transfer  is that it does not require

a special thermal transfer coating, can be directly used for ceramic, metal, stone, glass, plastic and other products .

At present, smart paper in the country has not yet mature to promote.

1.Applicable printer: a laser printer for LED imaging. An ordinary laser printer can also be used for smart paper

(this conclusion is a successful summary of our company's test)

2.Substrates:recommend plastic pen for white color ,if you need transfer dark color pen, you should print with white toner 

3.Color resolution 

4.More easily to peel off the liner

5.Transferred image with good elasticty



1. First type the pattern that you need to print on the computer , select the laser uncoated paper, print in the laser printer

2. Cut the part we need, fix the paper with pattern on the transfer pen with high temperature tape

3. Place the pen with the transfer paper in the groove of the pen heat press machine (the side to be transferred)

4. Adjust the pressure, set the transfer parameters 175 degrees Celsius, 15 seconds

5. Transfer is complete, warm to tear off



1. Select the horizontal flip (image) before printing(mirror printing)

2. General printer selection: print quality for the photo type paper ,Please choose (thick paper) or label paper

3. Printing parameters:

Ceramic metal glass: 160 degrees, 3 minutes, so after cooling and then tear, it is best to use a thin silicone pad, to ensure that

will not crush, the temperature can be increased according to the appropriate thickness of the silicone pad

Leather wood: 160 degrees ,1 minute after the transfer, in 1/5 seconds heat tearing 

Pen: 175 degrees, 25 seconds, Recommended transfer area within 5 * 1.3cm

Different products will have a little bit of error, the best way is to test their own a few times, test  a most appropriate temperature



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