The Hologram sticker Vinyl

Posted on 2021-03-18 15:48:24


The Hologram sticker Vinyl

  1. The HologramstickerVinyl is a composite material with rainbow film as the surface layer, middle glue, and bottom double-coated bottom paper.



 The Hologram sticker Vinyl



 2. Conventional parameters:

1) Surface layer PVC + glue thickness: 0.08-0.09mm

2) Bottom paper thickness: 0.14mm

3) Glue: oil glue, no residual glue

4) Color: 15 colors

5) Dimensions: 0.305*0.305m, 0.305*50m, 0.61*50m, 1.22*50m


  1. Advantages:

1) Rich colors, good color fastness, not easy to fade

2) Solvent-based glue, which is relatively sticky, can be removed, does not leave any glue after tearing off, and can be used in the dishwasher, with high glue firmness

3) The engraving is relatively simple, you can engrave 1mm lines, you can engrave small patterns, easy to discharge, and easy to operate

4) The backing paper is a double-coated backing paper, it will not be removed from the lettering plate, it will not be stuck to the lettering pad, and there will be no residue on the lettering plate

5) The backing paper is relatively thick, it is not easy to cut through when engraving pictures, and it is easier to make DIY

6) Good temperature adaptability, -20℃~80℃ can be used, long service life, indoor use for 3-5 years


  1. Use process

1) Engraving machine to engrave the required pattern

2) Exclude unnecessary parts other than patterns

3) Cover the positioning film, use a cold laminator or use a scraper to compact the positioning film and the pattern

4) Turn the engraving sticker with the positioning film over 180°, tear off the engraving sticker base paper, keep the required pattern on the positioning film, and then paste the positioning film base paper on the back of the pattern

5) Tear off the bottom paper, stick the pattern on the surface of the object, stick the lettering sticker on the surface of the object with the help of a scraper, and then tear off the positioning film




  1. Control the protruding length of the tip of the knife when engraving, try to avoid cutting through the bottom paper, so as to avoid difficulty in discharging waste
  2. When using the squeegee, you can stick the front end of the squeegee with Velcro (the side of the thorn), so that the air bubbles between the positioning film and the lettering sticker can be discharged more easily, which is convenient for the next operation
  3. When the lettering sticker is separated from the backing paper, the backing paper needs to be torn off, not the positioning film
  4. After tearing off the bottom paper, you need to put the bottom paper of the positioning film behind the lettering stickers to prevent the lettering stickers from sticking to dust, water, impurities, etc., and reduce the viscosity of the lettering stickers and the effect after pasting
  5. As the positioning film for transfer, it is recommended to use a high-viscosity positioning film


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