How to maintain the environment of the sublimation transfer printer?

Posted on 2021-03-12 11:02:38


 How to maintain the environment of the sublimation transfer printer?

In my basement, the sublimation transfer printer will not be able to print, because the ink will dry out the solids inside the print head, and it will be very difficult if not impossible. This is an extreme solution, but I know that people in Arizona often encounter printer problems due to dry air. They tried to use a humidifier, but couldn't keep it high enough because the air conditioner was constantly running.


The environment (most specifically humidity and temperature) plays an important role in how a sublimation printer works. Large format sublimation printers prefer a stable temperature, which is cool but not cold. In addition, they like humidity between 40% and 60%. Keep in mind that the outside may be really humid, but the inside of the air conditioner has drained all the moisture from the air. This is bad for your printer. It is recommended that you run a humidifier in a house near the printer to maintain indoor humidity.


We also have a big problem when the heater is running full time in the winter. The air is really dry and there are more problems with the printer. We run humidifiers around the clock and put about 10 gallons of water into the humidifier every day to maintain 50% humidity. In arid climates like Arizona, people run into the same problems and need to work harder to maintain humidity. If you work from home and have a basement, then the large format dye sublimation printer will be suitable for you. I have an ink-sublimation printer that I have stored in the basement for more than a year and have never used it. The basement is naturally cool and humid. Out of curiosity, I took the printer out and printed the test paper, and the first paper was perfect.


Wet sponges naturally keep the interior of the dye sublimation equipment moist, and they do not have any other problems. You need to use this method very carefully, as you may damage the printer if you forget to remove it before printing. You don't need still water, just a wet sponge, so as not to spill water into the printer, otherwise it will damage the printer.


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