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Commercia Laser Commercia Laser Light Transfer Paper



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Heat Transfer Papers For InkJet & Laser Printers We carry every type of heat transfer paper for transferring to fabrics such as t-shirts, hats, mouse pads, tote bags, flags, aprons and other materials such as leather, etc. All of our heat transfer paper is commercial grade quality, they're easy-to-use and produce professional results!


[{"tabId":151,"tabName":"details","content":"Commercia Laser Commercia Laser Light Transfer Paper00000We are a professional Commercia Laser Commercia Laser Light Transfer Paper product manufacturer in China.We have strong design capabilities and quality control capabilities to ensure the quality of our products.We produce Commercia Laser Commercia Laser Light Transfer Paper with excellent quality and reasonable price.I hope our products can help your business.
This is the description of laser light transfer paper<\/span><\/div>\n


sublimation transfer paper roll<\/span><\/p>\n


Item<\/span><\/td>\n           a3 laser dark transfer paper for t-shirt<\/span><\/span><\/td>\n<\/tr>\n
Weight<\/span><\/td>\n 150g ( Light )    300g ( Dark )          a3 laser dark transfer paper for t-shirt      <\/span><\/span><\/td>\n<\/tr>\n
Size<\/span><\/td>\n A3.A4    a3 laser dark transfer paper for t-shirt           
 <\/span><\/td>\n 3 laser dark transfer paper for t-shirt           <\/span>
Printer<\/span><\/td>\n All kinds of  laser printers   a3 laser dark transfer paper for t-shirt               <\/span><\/span><\/td>\n<\/tr>\n
Peel Type<\/span><\/td>\n Hot & Cold Peel               a3 laser dark transfer paper for t-shirt<\/span><\/span><\/td>\n<\/tr>\n
Application<\/span><\/td>\n Light & Dark color cotton clothing  (more than 80% cotton )  <\/span><\/span><\/td>\n<\/tr>\n

 Very soft stretchable.Soft finish resembling screen printing.Durable for hundreds of washes <\/span><\/p>\n

Compatible with all kinds of Cutters\/Plotters <\/span><\/p>\n<\/td>\n<\/tr>\n<\/tbody>\n<\/table>\n


laser transfer paper for t shirts<\/span><\/div>\n


we can also offer you other kinds of  transfer paper<\/span><\/p>\n

Commodity<\/span><\/strong><\/span><\/td>\nGarms   <\/strong><\/span><\/td>\n\n

Size:A4\/A3<\/strong> .<\/span><\/p>\n

Packing for A4     <\/span><\/strong><\/span><\/p>\n<\/td>\n

Roll size<\/strong><\/span><\/td>\n<\/tr>\n
Sublimation transfer paper<\/span><\/td>\n58<\/span><\/td>\nNone<\/span><\/td>\n24''\/36''44''63''74''*160m<\/span><\/td>\n<\/tr>\n
90<\/span><\/td>\n100sheet\/pack, 20pack\/ctn<\/span><\/td>\n24''\/36''44''63''74''*100m<\/span><\/td>\n<\/tr>\n
100<\/span><\/td>\n100sheet\/pack, 20pack\/ctn<\/span><\/td>\n24''\/36''44''63''74''*100m<\/span><\/td>\n<\/tr>\n
Inkjet light transfer paper<\/span><\/td>\n150<\/span><\/td>\n50sheet\/pack, 40pack\/ctn<\/span><\/td>\n16''*30m<\/span><\/td>\n<\/tr>\n
Inkjet dark transfer paper<\/span><\/td>\n300<\/span><\/td>\n50sheet\/pack, 36pack\/ctn<\/span><\/td>\n16''*30m<\/span><\/td>\n<\/tr>\n
3G-jet-opaque light transfer paper<\/span><\/td>\n150<\/span><\/td>\n250sheet\/pack, 4pack\/ctn<\/span><\/td>\n <\/span><\/td>\n<\/tr>\n
3G-jet opaque dark transfer paper<\/span><\/td>\n300<\/span><\/td>\n250sheet\/pack, 4pack\/ctn<\/span><\/td>\n <\/span><\/td>\n<\/tr>\n
Laser light transer paper<\/span><\/td>\n150<\/span><\/td>\n100sheet\/pack, 24pack\/ctn<\/span><\/td>\n <\/span><\/td>\n<\/tr>\n
Laser dark transer paper<\/span><\/td>\n300<\/span><\/td>\n100sheet\/pack, 16pack\/ctn<\/span><\/td>\n <\/span><\/td>\n<\/tr>\n
Inkjet water transfer paper(Transparent)<\/span><\/td>\n200<\/span><\/td>\n20sheet\/pack, 50pack\/ctn<\/span><\/td>\n <\/span><\/td>\n<\/tr>\n
Inkjet water transfer paper (white)<\/span><\/td>\n200<\/span><\/td>\n20sheet\/pack, 50pack\/ctn<\/span><\/td>\n <\/span><\/td>\n<\/tr>\n
Laser water transfer paper(Transparent)<\/span><\/td>\n200<\/span><\/td>\n20sheet\/pack, 50pack\/ctn<\/span><\/td>\n <\/span><\/td>\n<\/tr>\n
Laser water transfer paper (white)<\/span><\/td>\n200<\/span><\/td>\n20sheet\/pack, 50pack\/ctn<\/span><\/td>\n <\/span><\/td>\n<\/tr>\n
 <\/span><\/td>\n <\/span><\/td>\n <\/span><\/td>\n <\/span><\/td>\n<\/tr>\n<\/tbody>\n<\/table>\n

 <\/span><\/p>\n<\/div>\n<\/div>Hope to get your inquiry about Commercia Laser Commercia Laser Light Transfer PaperYou can further communicate with our sales staff.Wish you a good luck!"}]


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