Semi-automatic pneumatic double stations sublimation heat press machine 80X100cm

The high pressure Semi-automatic pneumatic double stations heat press machine also includes a double pneumatic pump pressure system that delicately opens and closes the press plates to prevent paper floating,which is a major cause of ghosting and paper mis-positioning.The user can choose different modes of operation, namely automatic or manual. In each case,operators are offered protection from injury by a wide range of safety equipment, including emergency shutoff and two-handed operation.



model A066
printing area 80x100cm
weight 607kg
power  11kw
packing size 150x104x167cm
voltage 380v
temperature range: 0-399°C
time range 0-999s
application T-Shirt, Dresses, Garment, Sportswear, Leather



1.Employ single-side and work in upward and downward circulating to get an effect of saving labor and high printing speed.

2.Using cast aluminum for the bottom board, it is flat and good for hot stamping of many kinds paintings.

3.Manual and automatic control, the adjustable pressure of pneumatic can reach 8kg/cm2.

4.The process is controlled by digital, saves power and the thermal energy distribute averagely.

5.Intelligent instrument and digital display of temperature and time, the readout temperature tolerance of which is +-2°C.



This product is a pneumatic double stations sublimation heat transfer machine be used for garments,Nylon Fabric ,Polyester fabrics, Polyester cotton, flags , sports wears , carpets, arts and crafts ,mouse pads, ceramics , glower ,bags , shoes , bed necessaries , umbrella ,curtains , coat metal products , coat glasses , Advertising products , swimwear , high temperature non-woven fabrics,almostallflat products, automaticoperating ,very useful forhigh quality and efficiency printing.




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