self-weeding (no cut ) laser dark transfer paper

Laser Dark No-Cut Transfer Paper:A Foil and B Paper.A foil and B paper as one set to use. A foil is transparent, the matte surface side is the printing side, the back side is smooth. The paper needs to use a color laser printer for printing.Self-Weeding Transfer Paper for dark cotton fabric.



Name self-weeding transfer paper
Apply Cotton, Polyester, Polycotton
Printer laser printer (with white toner)
Size A3/A4
Pack/ctn A4: 50sheets/pack, 40pack/ctn
A3: 50sheets/pack ,20pack/ctn
Instruction Step 1:From B paper to A foil
Temp:165-175℃ Time:60s
Step 2:transfer tshirt  
Temp:175℃ Time:10-15s
Pressure:heavy pressure
Peel step 1:  hot peel     step 2: cool peel
Dimension 45*32*20cm
N.W./G.W. 21.9/23kg
Packing Cardboard carton with Plastic bag for each pack


1.Photo quality , waterproof , instant dry

2.Perfect color perspective and expression

3.Size :A4, A3

4.Package :50 sheets/pack,Neutral packing

5.self weeding no cut laser transfer paper use for black cotton color clothing,

6.Use heat press machine to transfer T-shirt

7.High effective,color keep for longtime


self weeding no cut laser transfer paper use for black cotton color clothing


we can offer two types for your choice(A paper and B paper )or (A Foil + B Paper)



How to use:


1.For printer, please select OKI printer.
2.For pattern design, please use PS, CDR, AI or other drawing software to export vector diagram.
3.For pattern printing mode, select mirror image. If the pattern contains white color parts, select white invocation.
4.Place a piece of 1cm wide scrip on the blank part between A and B.easy to tear off.
5.Separate B from A:Warm peeling. Wear heat resistant gloves with both hands to smooth the B paper, and evenly and continuously remove the paper strip and B paper .
6.If there is white excess glue on the edge of the transferred pattern, cut off the white glue part.
7.Transfer A to the cloth .After heat press, then peel it when the fabric is completely cooled.To enhance the firmness, you also can cover a piece of isolation paper for 3-5 seconds.
8.For washing and maintenance, wash after 24 hours of transferring.



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