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ME-1800DHT 1.8m 1440dpi Dual DX5 print head sublimation printer

This is the description of ME-1800DHT 1.8m 1440dpi Dual DX5 print head sublimation printer <\/a><\/span><\/div>\n






1.As the advanced version of the DX-5 head stands for the better reliability and stability.<\/span><\/p>\n

2.Besides better ink droplets and consistency, the working life of the print head has improved dramatically.<\/span><\/p>\n

3.this sublimation  printer is equipped with two high efficient DX-5 print heads, it is proved to have much print speed increasing.<\/span><\/p>\n

4.this series of printers is very mature and stable products of Terminator. <\/span><\/p>\n

5.Our company becomes one of the rare factory can manufacture and produce 1.8m large wide sublimation printer in china.<\/span><\/p>\n



Wide Range of Application Coverage<\/span><\/p>\n



Choose ME-1800DHT sublimation printers for reliable transfers of rich, saturated colors with exceptional print quality, all at an affordable price.<\/span><\/p>\n

--Soft signage and exhibits<\/span><\/p>\n

Soft signage delivers a sophisticated, upscale look that commands premium pricing.<\/span><\/p>\n

--Heat transfers for apparel<\/span><\/p>\n

Produce high-quality, custom-decorated sportswear to help teams look and perform their best.<\/span><\/p>\n

--Interior decoration<\/span><\/p>\n

Now you can offer your customers colorful,coordinated, custom interior decoration items, from wall coverings and artwork to drapes and furniture covers.<\/span><\/p>\n

--Individualization Product<\/span><\/p>\n

Create mouse pad and other personalized product.<\/span><\/p>\n

--Heat transfers for porcelain<\/span><\/p>\n

Produced various elegant coffee cups, tea cups, monuments cups, etc.<\/span><\/p>\n


Why Choosing Us?<\/strong><\/span><\/p>\n

1.Strict Quality Control:  We have Strict Quality control both for the original Material and finished Goods. QC before delivery is also what we need for each order.<\/span><\/p>\n

2.One stop Solution:  We offer a wide range of sublimation paper, dye sublimation ink and transfer paper. Making you able to source all the items you need.<\/span><\/p>\n

3.Fast Delivery:  We offer one week delivery for most paper orders. And 2-3 weeks production lead time for other sublimation inks.<\/span><\/p>\n

4.Responsible after sale service: As a responsible company, we never make any exercise for mistakes, clients comes first, any complaint is supposed to be settled in a responsible manner.<\/span><\/p>","tabName":"details"}]



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