4 Colors Heat Transfer Dye Sublimation Ink for Epson Dx5 Dx6 Dx7 printhead

Sublimation ink also known as heat transfer ink, it is used for the printing products, the transfer ink will be show on the fabric after heat transfer by the high temperature, so it is very necessary material on heat transfer business.Compare with the pigment ink and dye ink, the sublimation ink with vivid color, high density.Sublimation ink is the low-energy, by heating, you can in the shortest possible time to produce the image to the beautiful Porcelain, metal, silk, chemical fiber fabrics and other materials, is very suitable for personalized development of the market needs and environmental requirements.Our company launch 4 Colors Heat Transfer Dye Sublimation Ink for Epson large-format printer ink.



1.Vivid color performance, high saturation,lifelike image after transfer

2.Absolute filtration, no clog nozzle

3.Weak acid or alkaline formula to protect the nozzle does not corrode

4.No burr, no halo, high printing quality,, High transfer rate

5.Quick drying formula,Excellent water resistance

6.Does not contain heavy metal ions, health and environmental protection

7.Suitable for mug/plate/cloth/glass/metal/flag/shoe and so on.

8.Manufacture Supply, High quality with competitive price



 -Transfer temperature:180-200 degrees.  

 - Transfer time:25-40 seconds  

 -Suitable for piezo printers like EPSON, ROLAND, MIMAKI

 - Package: 1L / Bottle ,12 Bottles / Carton  

 - Available color: C M Y K   - Water fastness and Light fastness can reach 4-5 classes.

 - Quality Guarantee: 1 year 



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