What to consider before selecting a heat press machine?

What to consider before choosing a heat press machine?

What to consider before choosing a hot press? All you have to do is consider the key factors that will make your purchase more productive.



If you want to buy a heat transfer machine online, please check the product description to see how many materials can be designed for the heat transfer machine within an hour. If you want to buy from the offline showroom, ask the salesman the same question.


Performance should meet your job requirements. The quality of the product depends on the performance of the machine. Factors that affect the performance of the machine include the manufacturer's reputation, after-sales service, and method of use.


Temperature consistency

This is something you cannot compromise. Temperature consistency will ensure that your design is successfully printed on the object. If there is a cold spot in the upper platen of the machine, it will damage the clothes.


The best way to check is to read product reviews. If there is any problem with the thermal stability of the machine, real customers will definitely solve it in the comment section.


Interchangeable pressure plate

A hot platen is a part that sets off fireworks on your objects. These platens heat and imprint the design from the transfer film onto your workpiece. Therefore, the heat should be evenly distributed so that the design can be printed on the object correctly.


Different workpieces need to provide heat for different duration. Consider the material to be used, please make sure that the heating platen can be heated to the desired temperature within the estimated time.


Digital timer

Because heat requires you to wait for a short period of time, you must have a timer that accurately displays the number. The lack of a digital timer can ruin your work because you don’t know the exact time to remove the element.


If you heat it for a long time, it will scald your clothes. Similarly, if you delete it before finishing, the design will not be fully printed on the fabric.


temperature setting

Adjustable temperature setting allows you to set the appropriate temperature to design various types of workpieces. If your business requires you to imprint designs on various types of materials, this is a must-have feature.


However, if you only deal with clothing and know the exact temperature that can be used, this feature is not for you. This will increase the cost of the hot press.

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