Impacts of Temperature on Wide Format Inkjet Printers

Posted on 2020-08-28 10:43:44


With the advancement of China's inkjet printer technology, China's domestic large-format inkjet printers have gradually occupied the domestic market. When choosing, more and more people will choose more cost-effective home inkjet printers, which also attracts many foreign inkjet printer customers.


Many users have this problem. Sometimes the inkjet printer does not work well. what is the reason? How to solve it better? This is due to the effect of temperature on inkjet printers.


When the large-format inkjet printer is working, the working environment, the temperature in the working room and the inkjet printer will also have a certain impact. First of all, after the temperature drops, the most common phenomenon is the "error clogging" of the nozzles, that is, the "rupture" of each nozzle. Because the same ink is used, the temperature will decrease, the viscosity will increase, the viscosity will be too large, and it is easy to print at high speed. "Disconnected" appears. Many inkjet printer users will think that the nozzle is clogged, but once it is cleaned, it will be normal immediately. It will not repeat for a long time, and some customers will think this is an ink quality problem.


The second is the problem of ink absorption and drying. If the temperature is too low, it is not conducive to the ink-jet medium coating to absorb ink, and it is not conducive to the evaporation of ink solvent. Cause "ink accumulation" phenomenon. Therefore, most users should maintain a suitable temperature when using in cold weather, which is conducive to the normal operation of inkjet printers.









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