How to print portraits with sublimation transfer paper?

Posted on 2020-09-30 14:04:34

As we all know, dye sublimation printing is very popular in modern clothing. Brightly colored clothing has attracted a lot of attention. Modern dye sublimation technology makes it easy to enter the world of digital clothing printing. The new progress of the sublimation printing system has brought high-definition printing quality, richer colors, faster printing speed and simplified graphics settings. In addition, the equipment price is still low enough to cover the start-up cost


In sublimation paper printing, computer-aided design is printed on transferable paper. Using these printers, the design of transferable paper will be printed on the fabric using heat and pressure technology. Using this technique, complex designs can also be better printed on fabrics.


Sublimation transfer is to print portraits, landscapes, text or other graphics with sublimation ink on the sublimation transfer paper through an inkjet printer, and then use a heat transfer device to heat it to about 200 degrees. Can make printing more vivid.


In this method, a heat-activated dye is used to transfer the printed matter from the printing source to the textile through a sublimation process. Sublimation basically refers to the transformation of molecules from a solid state to a gas state without moving through the liquid state. Therefore, no water pollution is discharged.


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