how to differentiate PU heat transfer vinyl and PVC Heat transfer vinyl

There are many different heat transfer vinyl on the market with different materials, different transfer effect and etc. today we will introduce two most commonly used heat transfer vinyl materials on the marketPU heat transfer vinyl and PVC heat transfer vinyl. I believe you will know the pu and pvc heat transfer vinyl better, ok, now, let us see what are the differences and the common points between PU heat transfer vinyl and PVC heat transfer vinyl.


First of all, we will start with the common points of the two heat transfer vinyls. Let us open it and show you one by one.

1. Same applications

The heat transfer vinyl is mainly used for heat transferring of logos, patterns, letters, numbers in fabric, like clothing, advertising, bags, caps and etc. The main advantage of it is that can be used for all kinds of fabric, including cotton, polyester, polyester and cotton blend and etc. Compared with the heat transfer paper and sublimation paper, it has wide applications.

2. Cutting process

Whether you use PU or PVC heat transfer vinyl, all have same procedure when you are using, and it is very convenient to operate and can meet your high requirements. The essentially different between PU and PVC is in the material, The operation process of the two vinyls is basically the same, So they all need cut, then weed, and finally transfer, then it completed.

3. The surface of pu and pvc are same, they are all matte. Actually, mate is more advanced, and the sense of gloss is better.


Next, let us talk about the difference between PU and PVC heat transfer vinyl from several aspects.
        1.At first, The two products are all have three layers, they are protective film, material layer and hot melt glue. But the important point is that the material layer is different, one is PU, and one is PVC

2.The second one, thinckness is not same, Pu is thinner than PVC , and pu is 0.08 mm, pvc is 0.13-0.14mm, so from the data, we will know that the pu is thinner than pvc, and when you touch it, you can feel it. But we cannot say that PVC is not good, because just compared with PU, it is thicker than PU, But in other way, it is not easy leak other colors, different feature in order to meet different people’s requirements.

3.So the third one is sticky effect, let see the difference, compare with them, you can see, that the PU is more sticky than PVC, so pu is more viscous, but if you do not need stick too much, you can choose PVC, all is good, just compare, then you know the difference.

    4.Fouth, let see the difference of the elastic between PU and PVC, Compared with the PU, pvc has less elastic, it is hard to pull apart by hand. So pu has huge elasticty, when you touch it, you will feel it.

   5.The fifth different between PU and PVC is softness, PU is softer than PVC, because PU is thinner than PVC, so PVC is hard, please use your hand, you can feel. when you touch pu, it is so comfortable.

   6.Let us see the transfer effect on the clothes, actually, the transfer effect is same from your eyes, but when you touch it , you can feel the difference. Because PVC has stronger gliitiveness.

   7. There is no problem that you can wash PU and PVC over 33 times after transferred 48 hours, Washing nothing is changed, the good quality products from Shanghai Vision use it with confidence.

   8. the last one is the breathable, because that the PU is thinner than PVC, so it has better breathable. PVC does not have good breathable. But it can keep the original color of the pattern and it cannot change the color of the pattern.

   9. The most important point is that the price, it is concerned by us, yes, as you known, the price of PU is higher than PVC, so PVC is cheaper. Therefore, please choose the suitable product regarding of your requirement, I believe that you will find your favorite peoduct. 



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