Chinese Spring Festival Holiday

We are going to have the Spring Festival Holiday in the following weeks and our office will be closed from February 12, 2018 to February 22, 2018.Thank you for all your cooperation in 2017 and we look forward to the opportunity of being of service to you in 2018.Hoping our business will be last in future.

How to choose the right wide format inkjet printer?

When companies choose a wide-format inkjet printer, it deserves to be valued as an important asset for a business. So how to choose the most suitable for your business wide inkjet printer is an urgent need to understand.

FESPA ASIA 2018 Bangkok

FESPA ASIA 2018 is an advertising digital print exhibition created in Asia, the mission is to promote the development of digital printing and textile printing in all countries of East and South Asia.The stand of Shanghai Vision digital printing Co., Ltd is C68, our company mainly produce and sell the sublimation paper and transfer paper.

What's sublimation ink for 90gsm sublimation paper transfer ?

Sublimation ink refers to a material that has a colorant (eg, sublimation dye) and a carrier. The carrier allows sublimation dyes to be applied or printed onto 90gsm sublimation paper.Sublimation dyes are usually solid at room temperature.

High quality sublimation paper manufacturer

High quality sublimation paper manufacturer is applicable to sublimation transfer manufacturer , in which you can print images with mirror inversion through inkjet printing, flat printing, screen printing and gravure printing. Then transfer the image to the media by heating and pressing, which can cause the ink on the paper to become gaseous and combine with the medium.

Why fast dry sublimation paper price is so popular?

Fast dry sublimation paper price is decorated bright, bold, large and colorful. There are no limits, each piece is unique to you. Fast dry sublimation paper price allows us to create any aspect with printed graphics.

High Tacky Sublimation Paper

High tacky sublimation paper has a special tacky layer, which will be activated by heat. High tacky sublimation paper are ideal for clothing, such as sportswear and swimsuits,which will eliminate the ghost or the loss of details due to movements in the transfer process.

How to identify the correct printing surface, printed on the sublimation paper a4 a3 size on which side?

sublimation paper a4 a3 size is a coated paper, most  sublimation paper a4 a3 size has positive and negative printing. If the wrong direction of printing, transfer the color is not good, and looks mottled. So sublimation paper a4 a3 size can only be printed on one side (this is the release surface).So how to identify the correct print surface, which side print? This is a big problem, especially sublimation paper a4 a3 size.

¿Por qué importar material del papel de transferencia por sublimación de Vision?

Hoy vamos a hablar sobre algunas razones por las que importa papel de transferencia de sublimación de Vision? Vision ya que un proveedor profesional de papel de transferencia de sublimación puede proporcionarle una solución de sublimación integral.

Shanghai APPPEXPO 2018 will take place on March 28-31

Shanghai APPPEXPO 2018 will be held in National Exhibition and Convention Center from March 28 to March 31, 2018.Vision as one of leadship of professional sublimation paper suppliers ,like 2017, we will again attend this event.

FESPA Asia 2018 BANGKOK is coming

FESPA Asia connects the screen, digital, textile printing and signage communities across the ASEAN region, to bring together professionals looking to discover the very latest products, innovations in technology, software and the best advice.Vision as a professional leadship of sublimation paper suppliers certainly involves in the FESPA Asia.Our booth No:C68.Looking forwards for your arrivals.

Sublimation vs silkscreen Which is better?

Sublimation is experiencing a "boom" in the industry. But how will this affect the silkscreen process? Know what circumstances prevailing one technique over the other.Since this anticipated growth and trends are moving from mass production to mass customization, market potential and profitability of large format sublimation printing had never looked better.

How can we choose dye sublimation transfer paper?

When choosing the best dye sublimation transfer paper, there is rarely one paper that will work well with everything. The type of sublimation transfer paper you should be using depends on the substrate you will be transferring to.

Some information about printhead?

Today we will briefly introduce some information about printhead and nozzle maintenance in daily life.

Sticky sublimation transfer paper for sportswear

As we all know that , the sticky sublimation transfer paper is specially designed for elastic fabric , such as sportswear to avoid double image.

Some information About Tacky Sublimation Transfer Paper

The tacky sublimation paper, has a special sticky layer, which will be activated by heat. Sticky products are ideal for clothing, such as sportswear, swimsuits. You can misalign and change the image during the calendar process of the transfer if a fabric is elastic. When the heat is activated during the transfer process, this product will stick to the garment of a piece of clothing cut in a flat or heat press of the cover, which will eliminate the ghost or the loss of details due to movements in the transfer process, and therefore, it will help reduce production errors.

Vision awaits you at FESPA Mexico 2017

Join us as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of FESPA Mexico next year. Taking place from 16 – 18 November in Mexico City, this special edition of the exhibition promises to be the best yet.Vision as a manufacturer of sublimation paper in China for over 10 years, has participated in.wecome to join us.

Different Weight Of Sublimation Paper

And now on the market, you can find 45gsm, 60gsm, 70gsm, 80gsm, 90gsm and 100gsm sublimation paper. But how to choose ? What’s the difference ? And which one is more suitable? You will meet those problem, and today i will introduce for you.

what shirts can you print by sublimation?

Not only those shirts that are 100% polyester (or at least 65%) and white or clear enough. Sublimation on T has a very long life and an excellent touch . With a sublimation printer and sublimation paper to sublimate, you can start one profitable business .

Sublimation transfer process strict control of temperature

Sublimation transfer printing appeared in the 1930s and 1970s popular in Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries and regions, from historical data, its development process is rather special. Neither as optimists predicted, with amazing share of textile printing is also not as pessimists say, slow growth, or even stagnation, decline it. Sublimation thermal transfer technology in China's rapid development is relatively wide range of applications.

How to judge the quality of sublimation transfer

Here's how to judge the quality of a digital sublimation transfer paper some comments on the merits for users and peers to discuss.

Notes of printing sublimation transfer paper

We will introduce some notes of printing sublimation transfer paper.

The advantages and disadvantages of No cut laser transfer paper

No-cut laser transfer paper has the advantage that only transferring the printed design , so it is not necessary that cuts the bottom do not want to transfer. However, you must understand that to get a good result with this type of paper, previously you must select the appropriate images and you must perform tests with your printer and your heat transfer machine. We can not guarantee that you get immediate optimum results. In this post we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of this type of transfer paper, and give you some tips so you get the best possible result.

Holiday is over and we start working

From 9th Oct ,we will go to work regularly ,if you have any order,pls feel free to contact us.

Wecome to Vision 2017 SGIA Expo in New Orleans

The 2017 SGIA Expo is home to more than 570 of the world’s leading imaging solutions providers –aisle after aisle of the latest innovations in everything from garment decorating to wide-format graphics and package printing.

Chinese traditional festival: Mid-Autumn Festival

2017 Mid-Autumn Festival falls on October 4th. The day is within the National Day holiday (Oct. 1 - 7) and will prolong this holiday to Oct. 8. Due to the pleasant autumn weather this is a peak time for travel.

How to identify the correct printing side ,which side to print on sublimation paper?

Today we are going to share a very important thing of the sublimation paper with our clients, with people who is related with sublimation industry.

Sublimation paper printing on textiles

Sublimation Digital printing is replacing traditional methods in different branches of the graphics industry. There are multiple reasons for this shift but the main drivers are the cost-efficiency, possibility to personalize prints and the flexibility of these machines.

Common Questions of T-shirt Sublimation Printing

T-shirt sublimation printing technology is widely used in our daily life. With this technology, people can print all kinds of beautiful graphics onto the t-shirts easily. There are many people doing t-shirt printing business all over the world, and here are some common problems in this line.

Tacky Sublimation Paper

Tacky sublimation paper, has a special tackified coating, which will be activated by heat. The tacky products are ideal for apparel, like sportswear, swimwear. It can misalign and shift the image during the transfer calendaring process if a fabric is stretchy. When heat is activated during the transfer process,this product will stick to the garment of a cut apparel piece in a flatbed or clamshell heat press, which will eliminate ghosting or loss of details due to movements in the transfer process, and therefore, it will help you reduce production errors and increase quality.

vision many kinds of Heat transfer vinyl

Heat transfer vinyl is either a polyurethane (PU) or poly vinyl chloride (PVC) material that is used to cut designs from. Heat transfer vinyl by Vision is available in a wide selection of colors and finishes such as metallic, easy-weed, glitter, flock, and glow in the dark.

How to distinguish the quality of sublimation paper

How to distinguish the quality of sublimation paper which is used for sublimation printing and textile digital printing .

Difference between PVC and PU heat transfer vinyl

As we known, there are various kinds of t-shirt heat transfer vinyl materials available.We now have PU, PVC, Printable PU, Glitter, Flock, Hologram, Metallic etc. Today we will discuss the difference between PVC and PU heat transfer vinyl:

How to identify the quality of the transfer paper?

How to identify the quality of heat transfer paper, today we mainly briefly introduce from the following five aspects :Transfer rate,Ink compatibility,Ink compatibility,The warp degree,Wrinkled when printing,Stability of sublimation paper.

How long can sublimation ink be stored?

In most case, the sublimation transfer ink can be stored for one year. And when you store your sublimation ink, you should keep notice in the next tips:

100GSM Fast Dry Sublimation Transfer Paper

About 100GSM Fast Dry Sublimation Transfer Paper,Transfer Color is very vivid. This kind paper a little thinker, so it can pick up much more ink. paper is stronger. Not easy to have the wove when you print. It is great paper. suit for all the polyester textile, Mugs...

What Cause Your Sublimation Paper Dry So Slow?

If you are deal with sublimation transfer paper, you may meet one question, customer complain that sublimation paper dry slow, they think you give them bad paper, Is this the only reason? Of course not! There are many reason will cause the paper dry slow, lets analyze completely today!

A short guide to choose the right heat transfer paper

When you want to get into the business of making goods with transferred images, you have a lot to consider. The biggest factor is the type of transfer printing process you will use. Heat transfer is the most popular because the only special requirements are to use an inkjet printer and heat transfer paper. However, how exactly do you go about choosing that heat transfer paper? With so many out there, it is hard to really know the good from the bad, or what one may be better for your job. So, check out this quick guide to choosing the right kind of paper for you.

Fespa 2017 in Mexico for vision digital printing

The Global Platform for the graphic arts industry - FESPA Mexico back to Mexico City for its 10th Anniversary on September 21 to 23.

Epson Printer 100gsm Fast Dry/Tacky Sublimation Paper Roll

100gsm, sublimation transfer paper for aqua-based dye sublimation inks, enhanced treatment of adhesive power to the textile and stretchable fabric for the reduction of slippery and shrinkage difference between the sublimation paper and textile when it applied to the calendar(roll) press specially.

Nuestros productos principales de la compañía de la visión

Nuestra visión se especializó en el papel de la sublimación, el papel de transferencia y el vinilo de la transferencia de calor por varios años, con buena calidad y el producto bastante competitivo de price.our es muy conveniente para los productos modificados para requisitos particulares tales como almohadillas, camisetas, zapatos y así sucesivamente.

The best way to store the sublimation ink

Speaking of sublimation transfer ink , I believe it is not unfamiliar to us, because you want to carry out a variety of printing, or thermal transfer, then, are the need to use this special ink

Why choosing our compatible epson ink for Epson F series?

Vision Digital Printing is specialized in the sublimation transfer paper . To developed the paper ,we have to do research on the printer and ink.

Epson Original Sublimation Ink with Chip

Epson Original Sublimation Ink with Chip Suitable for Epson SC-F6080/6070/6280/7080/7180/7280/9280

We will travel to Thailand on June 16th to 21st

We will travel to Thailand on June 16th to 21st. You can mail to us:vision@itransferpaper.com For the emergency please call:


Heat Transfer Vinyl: There are several varieties-smooth, PU, PVC, Flock, Glitter and so on; Iron; Some way to cut your vinyl. You can use scissors or cutting plotter;Something to transfer your vinyl onto.

 Why sublimation paper get curl ? How we solve the curling problem ?

When dealing with sublimation, some people may have encountered a big and serious problem - the sublimation paper curls and scratches the printer head. The worst result is that you take some money from your pocket and change a new printer head. At that time, you will have to find a way to reduce your cost to remain your profit. Today , we are going to offer you a solution to help you out of that problem --- curling ! 

Sublimation Protective/Tissue Paper

As a continuous thin paper web used to transport cut-work or roll textile through the heat calendar and as a barrier to prevent surplus dye-sub gasses from contaminating the recalculating belt of the rotary calendar press.Compatible with ALL oil and electric heated rotary drum calendars. The protective paper is designed to capture all excessive inks transferred through or off the edges of the fabric.

introduction of dye sublimation

Put simply, inkjet dye sublimation printing is the process where specially manufactured inks, containing heat activated ‘dye sublimation’dyes, are fixed by heat and pressure into a polyester substrate, such as a polyester fabric or polyester coated surface.

Why do we need to print onto polyester with dye sublimation printing

Without a doubt, dye sublimation printing is one of the most effective methods for creating a whole range of customized and personalized products on-demand. This means you can deliver an almost limitless variety of creative and profitable applications, that will enable you to extend your range of services to your existing clients, or indeed open up a spectrum of new markets to you. With inkjet dye sublimation printing, you can print onto a vast range of fabrics and coated surfaces in many widths and lengths, including stretchy sports fabrics and heavy canvas.

On the knowledge of fluorescent ink

fluorescent ink on the market is mainly Y and M color, black and blue can also be made of fluorescent color, while their market demand is too small to benefit the factory, That's why till now only two color in the market.

2017 FESPA dare to design different for Vision sublimation company

#FESPA will be held in Hamburg 8-12th May 2017. Our booth No. is B4L-A37.We will show the specific usage of #sublimation paper on this #exhibition. Looking forward to your arrival!

The difference between PVC and PU heat transfer vinyl

As we known, there are different types of t-shirt heat transfer materials available. We now stock PVC, PU, Glitter, Flock, hologram, Metallic etc printable heat transfer vinyl films with many colors. Here we will discuss the difference between PVC and PU heat transfer vinyl:

What is the material for the ink? How to make good ink?

The price for dye sublimation ink 70% depends on the pigment, so buying ink is to buy dyes. The inkjet ink pigment is not an ordinary traditional pigment, it must be high purity and impart inkjet printing characteristics.

60gsm sublimaiton paper from Vision Digital Printing Co,.Ltd

Sublimation Transfer papers now exist for most textiles, including elastic fabrics used for making sportswear and swimming suits, and for natural fiber fabrics such as silk, linen, and wool. Today we will introduce our 60gsm sublimation paper.

Why Do I Need Dye Sublimation Printing?

Dye Sublimation, as a process is really very simple. It is the method of applying an image to specially coated ceramics, metals and polyester cloth, using three main ingredients: sublimation ink, sublimation transfer paper and heat press machine.

which condition you should to know before you buy Vision sublimation paper

The use of thermal sublimation paper must be two conditions: as long as the printer is used micropowers can be, such as: Epson, Roland, Mutoh, Mimaki, and so on the various models and must use the sublimation transfer ink, Dye produced by the ink, in the transfer temperature will produce sublimation and dyeing with the substrate.

2017 TPF digital printing for Vision sublimation Company

TPF will begin at 19th April to 21st April. Vision digital printing company booth No is N5-F45 Vision mainly product is sublimation paper and ink

when you buy our sublimation paper attension before you sign

Digital sublimation transfer paper 2.1 Storage conditions the relative humidity is 45-70%RH and temperature for 10-30 ℃. the paper should be placed in a cool and dry and avoid direct sunlight, air conditioning room is recommended. To avoid moisture, stacked on the ground from the 15-20 cm in horizontal, stacking layers should not exceed 8 according to the marked outside the carton

What is dye-sublimation printing?

Dye-sublimation printers allow you to print photo-lab-quality pictures at home.

New style cheapest sublimation paper for 60gsm/70gsm/80gsm

Due to the different with the base paper, this kinds sublimation paper is very cheaper than with our ST1A series.

APPPEXPO 2017 for vision digital printing

Vision produce all width for sublimation paper and we have 10 years produce and export experience around the world and now we do exhibition every year.

vision 2017 Exhibition plan for textile printing

vision as a manufacturer of sublimation paper. we would like to update our sublimation paper details here. We use Microporous technology, high transfer rate, anti-curling.Very stable quality.

New develop for sublimation digital printing with one single -printer for 45gsm Sublimation Transfer Paper

And now we have a great news for all of you, that is our 45gsm sublimation transfer paper for hot sale.This kind of paper is very thin, very smooth, and with high transfer rate, almost reach 100%, and shorter drying time.

Development Course & Status of Digital Printing

Meanwhile, Sublimation printing increasingly becomes the main process in the line of custom clothes, gifts and etc, making the world as “colorful” as it is.

Holiday Notice for 2017 Spring Festival

vision as a sublimation factory in China ,have 10years for produce and export sublimation paper and sublimation ink


we will attend Fespa in Bangkok and TPF in Shanghai to meet more customers

Brief Introduction to Our Factory

We are now equipped with several production lines, and are able to produce almost the major types of sublimation paper, like 45gsm, 60gsm, 70gsm, 80gsm, 90gsm, 100gsm fast dry sublimation paper and 100gsm sticky/tacky one (made of high molecular polymer, and this type of material is water-based, different with the regular paper) and a wide range of alternative sizes are available.

Why Sticky Sublimation Paper Dry Slower Than Regular Paper?

The sticky sublimation paper is mainly applied to stretch materials like Lycra, polyester with spandex、polyester with cotton(<30%).


Many people want to find sublimation ink for cotton fabric.

How to identify the Sublimation Ink, the applicable printer and printing head

In the course of using the Sublimation Transfer Paper, a few of customers will have some doubts or find our paper are not suitable for their machines. However, our paper can be used on various kinds of Inkjet Printers, such as Epson.

How Ghosting Occur in Printing and How to Avoid

What is ghosting in sublimation transfer ? Ghosting is a double image in sublimation transfer. After the transfer process is completed, a light shadow in your T-shirt or other items transferred may occur, that is ghosting.

PU Printable Transfer Vinyl

Vision Digital Printing Co,.Ltd, always devoted its heart and soul to look and developing new products for our customers all over the world.

Newly Launched 70gsm Sublimation Paper

We, VISION, have recently launched a new type of fast dry Sublimation Transfer Paper with weight of 70gsm, and this paper comes to be another supplement to paper (45gsm and 60gsm Sublimation paper) that can do fast printing with MS, Mimaki, Epson or Roland printers etc. And it turns out to be of excellent performance, in terms of transfer rate, printing results etc, and mostly importantly, this paper will cost less. If you are planning to do Sublimation business, and take price into first consideration, this paper might be the best choice choice you have ever made.

Metallic Transfer Vinyl--Vision Digital Printing Co,. Ltd.

Vision Digital Printing Co,.Ltd, A pioneer in find the best solution for customers in sublimation printing and heat transfer material industries.

Original EPSON Sublimation Ink for F-Series Sublimation Printers

To meet the demands of original EPSON Sublimation ink among our existing customers and potential clients, we VISION have strived to establish a long term business relationship with EPSON, and now being able to supply you with original sublimation ink from EPSON, which are especially used for EPSON SureColor F-Series sublimation printers, like SC-F6000/6070/6200/6270/7000/7070/7100/7170/7200/7270/9200/9270 etc and ink cartridge models: T741X HDK T7412 T7413 T7414 etc. And at the same time, chips that are compatible with Epson ink cartridge will be sold in one package together. There is one thing needing to be clarified that the chips packed together can be used for one time only.